Shipping Information -- TRUCKLOADS

If you are purchasing from this site for the first time, then you must allow Boise to ship the inventory to you “Freight Collect” to the location you specify. If during the bidding process you need a freight estimate, B-Stock can provide that to you.

If you have been pre-approved by Boise for purchasing on credit you will be allowed to arrange your own freight. Once your purchase order is received, you will be given a pickup number and person to contact at the shipping location. If you do not have the ability to pick up the lot, Boise will ship to your designated location and you will be charged the freight.

For truck pick up orders you will have 24 hours to contact the shipping location after receiving the pickup number. The equipment used to pick up product must be in good operating condition and will be inspected. The equipment may be rejected and all costs associated with the rejection of the equipment will be at your expense.

Buyers are responsible for unloading all trucks. For roll product they will be loaded stacked on end, “Poker Chip” style. The will not be placed onto a pallet and wrapped. A roll clamp truck is required. For palletized product a forklift is required.

Shipping Information – RAIL CAR LOTS

To be eligible to bid on rail car lots sold at one of the Boise mills, you must have access to an active rail spur. These lots will be shipped to the active rail location you designate. This will be shipped with “No Freight Allowed” and you will either pay the freight company directly, or the rail shipping charges will be included on your invoice from Boise.

You will be responsible for all shipping costs related to the delivery of any purchased Inventory to you whether it is truckload lots or rail car lots.